Premier Diverse Learning Concepts


Professional Development

With the Beaconhouse Group’s background and proven track record of academic excellence, the management’s vision is to deliver similar results in the professional arena. Premier DLC aims to fulfil this vision by providing a range of custom-developed training programmes for our corporate clients. We deliver programmes on a wide range of soft skills. The content, group size and length of the programmes can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Following our holistic approach to training, we not only deliver the programmes, but also provide pre-programme add-ons in the form of 360-degree assessments as well as post-programme re-assessments and follow-up sessions, report sessions with the management and more. We believe that this approach enhances the overall learning from the programme and helps participants to apply their learning more effectively.

We also believe in using a mix of trainer-led (instructional) and participant-led (experiential) learning. Our programmes are delivered with a healthy mix of group work, role-play and participant assignments that reinforce learning.

Soft Skills Programs:

Participants explore the key principles behind being an effective and transformative leader, and in turn building a high performance team. We look at how leaders can motivate their team to give their best input and effort towards achieving the organisation’s goals. We tailor our leadership programme to meet the participants’ needs, be it a potential future leader or an experienced team manager.

Our change management course teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to make organisational change and restructuring a smooth and pain-free process.

Become a Productivity Pro at work and in your personal life! The course covers aspects of time management, stress management, prioritising and organising tasks and activities in the most efficient way.

In this programme, we review the fundamentals of problem-solving and decision-making as well as cutting-edge techniques of creative thinking, generating alternate solutions and reaching the most effective, win-win decision for all stakeholders.

Develop your communication and interpersonal skills to improve not only your individual performance, but also your team and organisation’s productivity. This course will educate participants on the ways of communicating more effectively in all relationships with clients, colleagues and managers.

Our selling skills programme will help participants develop the right toolkit for successful selling, whether in retail, distribution, or a B2B environment. This course will help participants develop a structured plan for effectively marketing their products/services.

Our teambuilding activities provide an engaging and activity-based platform for teams to work together and overcome challenges as a group. By working in an environment away from the workplace, teams can feel more at ease and open to discussion and collaboration. A post-teambuilding debriefing session then brings together the learning points from the activities.

Train the Trainer sessions can be delivered to your in-house team of trainers on any of the above soft skills, or any other required training competency. These sessions are fully customisable to include the clients’ specific organisational values, goals and objectives.

Supply Chain Management:

Supply Chain Management is an essential element of operational efficiency. This diploma is certified and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT Pakistan) under the patronage of CILT International. The programme offers the participants an excellent foundation to concepts and techniques in the subject with material based on a body of knowledge that has evolved over the past 50 years.

The programme of studies for the Diploma in Supply Chain Management will cover:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Logistics and Operations Management
  • Inventory Control and Warehouse Management
  • Production Planning and Control