Premier DLC offers a wide range of professional development courses for education professionals, at all stages of their career. Premier DLC prides itself on being the leader of educational development through a diverse portfolio of programmes for teachers, head teachers, school leaders, managers and curriculum designers amongst others. Premier DLC also offers Language Proficiency and Communication Skills Programs targeted towards Corporate Clients with the objective of enhancing productivity and efficiency across teams.



Premier DLC also specializes in conducting field surveys and data analysis services to its clients, targeted towards clients that rely on extensive research, backed by both qualitative and quantitative reasoning in matters relating to key decisions. Through careful research and an in depth study of the landscape, Premier DLC aims at providing our clients with key insights regarding their operations. These studies are conducted across different tiers, including the school, community and household and aim at helping our clients’ decision making.



In this knowledge-based age, education is undergoing rapid transformation. The emergence of increasingly affordable digital products such as smart phones, tablets and e-readers are reshaping the way we think about teaching and learning. With the fast pace of technological development in the world, we believe that students need to use technology in and beyond the classroom. We have seen the benefits of blended learning in our Concordia Colleges initiative, where students benefit from face-to-face instruction as well as virtual instructions through videos and online class.



The School Evaluation Unit (SEU) at the Beaconhouse Group is adept at conducting holistic evaluations of all its network schools. This includes in-depth assessment of the school management and leadership, quality of teaching, learning and assessment and the school's own objectives and self-review. A detailed evaluation report that pinpoints areas of excellence and challenges to help schools learn how to leverage creative collaboration is prepared after the evaluation process. Based on the evaluation procedure, we are responsible for devising a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which can be implemented in order to bridge the identified gaps in the evaluation process



Premier DLC has developed rounded and evaluative mechanisms that not only target students and educational professionals but also assess schools to provide a conducive learning environment. These assessments are designed and conducted using formative and summative assessments which depicts the overall understanding and knowledge of students 'Student Learning Outcomes' and enables us with understanding the gaps of teacher knowledge and teaching techniques. Further, in depth reports are generated after reviewing the assessments and resources in place to identify the reasons of low performance.



We firmly believe that involving the community as an active stakeholder in the education of the young is imperative to ensure educational development. Premier DLC has designed mobilisation plans targeted towards parents, community members and influencers alike in order to encourage social change which compliments formal education to bring about an educational revolution.



Premier DLC has been responsible for the development of material, they include different customised training programmes, lesson plans and teaching aides. These developed material are customised to the individual needs of our clients through an extensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA). Lesson plans designed for the teachers are based on the desired 'Student Learning Outcomes' (SLOs), which provides step by step methodologies and activities to deliver it effectively. Teaching aides include guidance for the teachers on teaching sessions, material required, activities, assessment techniques and homework assignments. In addition to all this, we have inhouse developed textbooks, workbooks and readers.



Premier DLC is engaged with Punjab, Sindh and FATA (now part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) governments for the management of over 50 public schools. As part of the management of the schools, our team is responsible for development and execution of the school management plan, human resource management, and professional development of the staff, increasing enrolment, provision of quality education, community mobilisation, and developing and managing School Improvement Plan (SIP). Previously, we adopted and managed schools for Pakistan Railways, Punjab Police and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

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Premier DLC is a large endeavour that has experienced growth over a period of 6 years. In order to expand it into an empire over the years, human resource has played a vital in accomplishing that goal. Premier DLC recruitment services has provided various organisations with a blended recruitment approach where a combination of face-to-face interaction complemented with various written testing techniques and focus group discussions have provided key passionate individuals.



Marketing and Campaigning for education is playing an important role in the society to educate the masses. Marketing awareness are conducted through different mediums such as television, radio, print (newspapers, posters and flyers) and online platforms (social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Twitter and YouTube). Campaigns don't have to rely solely on advertisements and can also include door to door activity, community engagement, word of mouth, presentations and roadshows along with other interactive techniques. Multiple channels are implemented and coordinated to deliver effective results and, satisfy the needs of the clients as these activities are intended to promote awareness among parents, students, education institutes and other related professionals.



Premier DLC has been responsible for the teachers training development initiatives, which are customised to the individual needs of our clients through an extensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA). Each training program is carefully designed to maximise output of targeted audience. We design the training programmes as per the national curriculum, activity based learning, multi grade teaching and any new adoptive training technique introduced. Further, as an optional module, teachers and head teachers are taught on school operations management.



Premier DLC has successfully organised and launched over 28 International Educational Programmes for Beaconhouse School System students across the country. Students have been travelling frequently to international destinations during their summer and winter school breaks since early 2014. Over 1,500 Beaconhouse students have benefitted from international travel opportunities during the last five years. Young travelers developed confidence and learnt what it meant to be a global traveller while visiting UK, European Union, USA, Turkey, North Africa, UAE and China.