Punjab Education Foundation, Government of Punjab

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), the semi-autonomous arm of the Government of Punjab is responsible for improvement of quality of education across the province.

Under the Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP), Premier DLC was assigned to conduct Continuous Teachers Development Program (CTDP) and the School Leadership Development Program (SLDP). CTDP provided training to teachers on subjects such as English, Mathematics and General Science. SLDP was targeted towards equipping the school management with the tools and skills required to better manage school facilities, finances, human resources and decision making skills. Over a span of 3 years, Premier DLC has trained about 4,830 teachers and school leaders.

For the years 2014-16 that we were engaged with PEF, we have been rated the best service provider based on the quality of services provided.

Date March 15, 2019