Punjab Education Initiative Management Authority, Government of Punjab

Premier DLC has been involved with the Punjab Education Initiative Management Authority (PEIMA) for the management of 48 low performing public schools under Punjab School Support Programme (PSSP) project. As part of this endeavour, our team is responsible for the holistic management of all 48 schools in District Gujranwala performing activities including academics, administration, enrolment, routine operations and human resource management.

With the aim to provide a standardised quality of education in the public school system, some of the milestones achieved so far;

  • Hiring of over 500 teaching & non-teaching staff at the schools.
  • Increasing enrolment by 300% in 4 years (i.e. from 3,600 to 12,000+).
  • Rigorous student assessments (4 term assessments per year).
  • Introduction of regular training programmes for teacher’s capacity building.
  • Dedicated management team of 15 qualified individuals for the management of the schools.
  • Active engagement of the community to be a dynamic stakeholder for the education sector.
  • Activation of school management committees.
  • Construction of 56 new classrooms and washrooms.
  • Major repair and maintenance of 24 schools (including rooms, washrooms, boundary walls).
  • Provision of missing facilities such as furniture, fixtures and other amenities.

As part of our engagement with Punjab Education Initiative Management Authority (PEIMA) under the PSSP programme, our team is responsible for conducting regular assessments for the entire student body and teaching faculty.

About 300 teachers undergo a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) every year in order to establish a baseline of their knowledge and skills and to devise a training plan targeted towards their requirements.